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Tricia N.

The taste is mild which I like, it doesn’t taste like I’m drinking a glass of greens. It has a refreshing, slightly minty flavour. I like it

Magnolia S.

I have been pleasantly surprised by this greens. I’m always a little skeptical of supplements given that not all of them do what they say they do, but I've been impressed with this one. I add it to my smoothies in the morning it mixes in really well and doesn’t add that gross gritty taste that a lot of others do. If anything I’d say it has a very mild tastes. It has been amazing for my digestion. I love this greens so far.

Claire T.

Definitely works. I bought it to help with getting in a bit more nutrients, my diet probably isn’t the best and to help with mental clarity since I’ve noticed I have a lot more brain fog recently. I take this first thing in the morning and since I started taking it I’ve noticed I have a significant increase in my energy levels and don’t feel so exhausted in the afternoons and I’m feeling a lot more focused at work


This is my third jar, I love this stuff! I have a super sensitive stomach and this has done wonders for my digestion and bloating. I take this every morning on an empty stomach its become a non-negotable for me in my morning routine

Nancy I.

I’ve been looking for a new supplement to start, I wanted a powder as I’m currently taking tablets but I find if I take too many tablets at once it makes me nauseous. I don’t feel nauseous when I take this and I love that this is all I have to take. I started having higher energy levels almost immediately. Overall I love this product and will be buying again.